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Birlikte Güzel: Agar Agar

Birlikte Güzel: Agar Agar

French electro-pop duo.

Agar Agar had its beginnings at the experimental art school Beaux-Art Paris where Clara Cappagli and Armand Bultheel studied. They met when Armand’s profound monologue during a philosophy of art class caught Clara’s attention. They achieved great success in 2016 with their first EP “Cardan”. This EP resembled the 80’s dark disco and was remarkably mature for a first professional recording. Every single in “Cardan” became a hit and was followed by their 2018 debut studio album “The Dog and The Future”. With the wind of the album’s popularity in their sails they appeared on stage at numerous major festivals including Zürich Openair, Art Rock, We Love Green, Reeperbahn, Into The Great Wide Open, Pop-Kultur Berlin and Dour, and at hype nightclubs around Europe. The name of the band comes from the texture agent agar agar that Armand feeds his ants, and has grown a fondness for its sound. According to their interview with VICE, The Sims is also one of their greatest sources of inspiration. As evident from their album cover, eggs are also important in their lives, both as a source of nutrition and as an object of inspiration. They see themselves as dogs rather than people, and instead of repeating a regular and established musical form and formula they always choose to experiment with that which is new.

Dark and hypnotic, both high and calm, both 80’s and futuristic.

Standing TL120
Student TL90