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The progressive rock dream team from the Istanbul music scene.

The band, consisting of Cem Ömeroğlu (guitar/vocals), Cevdet Erek (drums/vocals), Gökhan Goralı (guitar/vocals), and Kerem Tüzün (bass guitar/vocals), has been the prominent face of progressive and experimental rock in Turkey. Their debut album ‘Mi Kubbesi’ was released from Ada Müzik in 1996. At their concerts blessed by the spirits of mechanisation and improvisation, they have delivered performances that have astounded us with the command of their instruments. One of the best debut albums of our music scene, ‘Mi Kubbesi’ was followed by the albums ‘Sayı 2’ in 2007 and ‘1998’ in 2009. 2013 is recorded as the year Nekropsi became monthly, so to speak. Their album ‘Aylık’ (Monthly) from which they shared a new song each month was released in 2013. After 5 years of Nekropsi deprivation, in 2018 they moved into the King suite of our playlists with their singles ‘Sekizler’ and ‘Ta Ta Du’. Their two-night Salon İKSV concert that took place last March continues to echo in our minds. Nekropsi will be at Salon İKSV on 20-21 December for another two consecutive night concert in a rare, tickets going at light-speed, satisfaction guaranteed live performance.

Functioning with mechanical precision and reaching the heights of improvisation, this pinnacle of progressive rock will most likely leave you gaping in wonder and amazement.

This event has an age restriction of 18.

Standing TL60
Student TL45

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