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Tsar B

Tsar B

R&B project of Belgian DIY producer Justine Bourgeus

Studied classical violin, yet got lured by the underground music world and dance arenas. Mentioned in comparison with FKA twigs, Azalia Banks and MIA after she released her self-titled EP in 2016. She makes “R&B as dark as the night” in her own words and puts every dance enthusiast from disco amateurs to professional choreographs in motion with her electronica-influenced, at times intense and aggressive synths, ornamented with Middle Eastern tunes. Her performances at home in Pukkelpop and Brighton’s Great Escape proved her appeal to the eyes as well as the ears, and her magnificent vocals took listeners’ breath away. The video clip featuring the choreography of the celebrated choreographer and dance tutor Alexander Chung dedicated to her song “Escalate” got 20 million hits on Youtube. Tsar B, who will certainly make to the top of the charts rather sooner than later, will be at Salon with her first performance in Turkey and songs from her new album ‘The Games I Played’.

The melting pot of Björk, Grimes ve Rihanna; a night in which to dance like there is no tomorrow in the company of a seductive femme fatale!

Standing 60 TL
Student 45 TL

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