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+1 Supports Gezgin Salon: Balthazar

+1 Supports Gezgin Salon: Balthazar

They are loved in Turkey. The soulful pop rock of Jinte Deprez and Maarten Devoldere, high school friends from Ghent, Belgium, takes a new turn with their new album Sand, written largely while touring around the world in 2019 and recorded remotely under the pandemic. Balthazar visits Istanbul with their new songs to lead us in our first deep musical breath at Volkswagen Arena after a long time of confinement, with the contributions of +1.

On their fifth album, Balthazar sounds every bit as fresh and energised as they did back in 2010, when their debut album Applause vowed critics and the public alike. Their masterful command of melody and pace is on full display – Sand is unique in the way it melds minimally arranged pop to elegant electronica and sophisticated grooves. Inspired by the joy they find playing live, the album meets Istanbulites for the first time in the scope of the duo's post-pandemic tour, in which they will avenge their days away from the stage.

Playing smooth sunset jams and seductive, graceful rhythms and melodies every night bled naturally into the new material they were writing, a fluid and uninhibited process that carried on after Covid-19 forced them off the road and back to Ghent. “We had to work remotely and converse electronically rather than in a studio,” says Deprez. “It was a very modern way of making an album.” But necessity is the mother of invention, and it led the duo to explore new musical avenues and find creative solutions. “We did a lot of things that we haven’t done previously – we’ve never used as many drum samples or used bass synths before,” says Devoldere. The album takes its name from the waiting, impatience, not being able to live in the moment and the loss of confidence in the future, which are ingrained in all of us during the pandemic period; from the sand in the hourglass.

Balthazar, who have previously performed at Salon İKSV with their solo projects, can't wait to play their new songs live and spread the joy of live music in Istanbul once again.

This event has an age restriction of 18. Our audience under the age of 18 can watch the concert accompanied by their parents.

Front row seating 400 TL
Infield seating 1st category 350 TL
Infield seating 2nd category 300 TL
Tribune 1st category 280 TL
Tribune 2nd category 250 TL
Tribune 3rd category 200 TL
Tribune student 150 TL

Where is the event?

The band takes the stage at Volkswagen Arena.

About Gezgin Salon

Gezgin Salon took off in 2017 when Salon decided to grew out of its walls. It hosted King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Agar Agar, Mac DeMarco, Kiasmos, Wolf Alice, Amyl and the Sniffers, Pantha du Prince, Polynation and Pional in its first four editions at various locations around the city.

Tickets are available on Friday, 30 July

Tickets will be up for sale on Friday, 30 July at 10.30 at İKSV box office and through passo.com.tr.

For the Tulip Card holders that constitute the members and first-hand supporters of İKSV, tickets will go on pre-sale with discounts on passo.com.tr and İKSV box office. Black Tulip Card holders will purchase their tickets on Tuesday, 27 July, White Tulip Card holders on Wednesday, 28 July, Red and Yellow Tulip Card holders on Thursday, 29 July as of 10.30. Blue Tulip Card holders can buy their tickets with discount on the day of the general sales.

Black and White Tulip Card holders are entitled to a 25% (with an option to select seats), Red and Yellow Tulip Card holders to a 15%, and Blue Tulip Card holders to a 10% discount.

About COVID-19 measures

Balthazar concert will be held in compliance with public health measures against COVID-19.

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